We, Schulte-Tengler, are supplying our customes from most varied sectors with high-quality precision turned parts and milled parts since 1978. As an SME turning shop with 35 employees located in Plettenberg, that is soon to be run by the second generation of owners, we produce small, medium and large-sized batches of almost all materials for you. Ask us!


Our self-imposed claim is to meet our customers’ demands at all times in a satisfactory manner, on time and with the highest quality. Having more than 40 years of experience regarding metal processing, we are able to respond to customer requirements in a flexible way. We want to offer the best performance to our customers – a key driver for Schulte-Tengler is your satisfaction!


Our machine park is consisting of CNC lathes, multi-spindle machines, automatic long-turning lathes, conventional lathes and thread-rolling machines. This diverse range of machines provides Schulte-Tengler with the opportunity to meet all of your demands. You will recieve ready-to-install turned or milled parts in all steel and stainless steel qualities, non-ferrous metals and synthetic materials. On top, we offer to provide you the parts with follow-up treatments such as hardening, nitration, anodizing, eroding with all surface- and/or heat-treatments. Besides the production of drawing parts we also assemble whole modules at your demand.

About our core competencies

Precision is not a stroke of luck – Schulte-Tengler offers you high quality, precision and extensive support regarding the realization of your demands. To comply with our own high quality claims we implement a quality management system which is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. We want to convince you of our quality!
Successful research and development is verified by our own patents which include thread-guiding rollers for textile engineering and special floating bearings used in workstations.

Production Facility

Our machine park with more than 16 modern machines (Star, Traub, Biglia and more) is accomodated on an area of 2500 square meters. The variety of machines allows us to produce high-precision turned parts, milled parts and assembly parts, ranging from a diameter of 3mm to 450mm and with lengths up to 800mm. Furthermore, this diversity enables Schulte-Tengler to respond appropriately to customer demands: complex CNC turned parts? Multi-spindle turned parts? Long turned parts? Milled parts? Ask us for more information and advice!
Satisfied customers belong to various industry sectors:
  • Automotive: OEM and supplier
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Hydraulic parts
  • Wind turbine construction
  • Electrical engineering
  • Fastening technology

Please do not hesitate to contact our parent company R+FK Schulte KG for high precision stamping parts.